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Infographic: The Robo-Advisor Arms Race

By Jeff Desjardins, Visual Capitalist CAN UPSTART ROBO-ADVISORS COMPETE AGAINST SCALE? It was going to happen sooner or later. When they launched roughly five years ago, tech-driven companies such as Betterment or Wealthfront had the audacious and laudable goal of taking on the incumbents of the gargantuan wealth management industry. Many traditional wealth managers were skeptical of … Continue reading

Optimum-Complexity Portfolios: How To Invest In Turbulent Times

By ONTONIX QUANTITATIVE COMPLEXITY MANAGEMENT Research confirms that high portfolio complexity impacts negatively mid and long-term expected returns. This is because high complexity is a formidable source of fragility, hence vulnerability. In a turbulent economy highly vulnerable portfolios and financial products are more exposed and more volatile. Therefore, a new portfolio design strategy based on … Continue reading

Designing A Wealth Management Industry In Africa For The Digital Age

By Sean Ndiho Obedih The global financial services industry is facing a wave of digital disruption that is starting to reshape the industry. Global Fintech financing has grown from less than $930 million for the whole of 2008 to over $1.04 billion in the month of October 2014 alone. Read on to see the shining stars … Continue reading

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