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The Calm Before The Coming Global Storm

By Pepe Escobar Major turbulence seems to be the name of the game in 2016. Yet the current turbulence may be interpreted as the calm before the next, devastating geopolitical/financial storm. Let’s review the current state of play via the dilemmas afflicting the House of Saud, the EU and BRICS members Russia, Brazil and China.   … Continue reading

Taking The Petro Out Of The Dollar

By Alasdair Macleod Saudi Arabia has been in the news recently for several interconnected reasons. Underlying it all is a spendthrift country that is rapidly becoming insolvent. While the House of Saud remains strongly resistant to change, a mixture of reality and power-play is likely to dominate domestic politics in the coming years, following the ascendancy … Continue reading

What Are The Implications Of The “Saudi Reshuffle”?

By Petr Lvov Now that the initial wave of disputes over the major overhaul of Saudi government that occurred on April 29 settled down, one can take a closer look at what these changes can actually mean for the future of the region. As you must already know, early in the morning on April 29 Saudi … Continue reading

Pakistan Caught In A Bind By Sharif’s Saudi Debt

By Sajjad Ashraf Stung by his complete failure to muster the parliamentary support needed to join in a Saudi-led intervention in Yemen’s civil war, Pakistan’s Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is now counting the costs of his $1.5 billion folly. Sharif was put on the spot when the official Saudi news agency released a statement, after … Continue reading

The Money Trail: How the U.S. Fostered Yemen’s Separatist Movement

By Sputnik News As Saudi Arabia and its allies have begun the bombing campaign against Yemen, in the south, a separatist movement calling for a “State of South Arabia” is emerging. Fostered by the US, it will leave the Houthis with two hostile states at their borders and locked access to the sea, if it … Continue reading

Saudi Arabia, South Korea Sign Nuclear Cooperation Pact To Build Reactors

The leaders of Saudi Arabia and South Korea have agreed to cooperate to build more than two small and medium-size nuclear reactors in Saudi Arabia in a deal worth as much as $2 billion, South Korea’s Yonhap news agency reported on Tuesday. South Korean President Park Geun-hye arrived in Riyadh on Tuesday and met with King Salman … Continue reading

In Saudi Arabia, Could An Adversary Become A Partner?

By Stratfor Global Intelligence In spite of recent media leaks and statements, it is unlikely that Saudi Arabia will strategically alter its opposition to the Muslim Brotherhood. The rhetorical softening of the new monarch’s position toward the Islamist movement is instead part of efforts to better manage Saudi Arabia’s regional challenges. In order to effectively … Continue reading

New Bureaucratic Restructuring In Saudi Oil Powerhouse

After scrapping the Supreme Council for Petroleum and Minerals, King Salman of Saudi Arabia gives his sons for key positions for oil oversight in the kingdom. By Ovunc Kutlu Saudi Arabia’s King Salman empowers two of his sons for key positions after abolishing the supreme council of petroleum, as new bureaucratic streamlining takes place in … Continue reading

How Long Can Gulf Nations Endure Low Oil Prices?

By Jennifer Hunt University of Sydney In his first royal decree, Saudi Arabia’s newly crowned King Salman announced two-month bonuses for state employees, pensioners, students, and recipients of social service programs (that is, everyone in the country with a Saudi passport). It adds billions of dollars’ worth of spending to a budget already hit hard … Continue reading

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