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How A Collapse In South America Could Trigger Martial Law In The U.S.

By Brandon Smith If an economic system collapses in the woods and no one is paying attention, are there any consequences outside the woods? Well, yes, of course. As with most situations financial and global, however, consequences are not usually taken very seriously until they have spawned a vast bog of sewage we all have to then … Continue reading

16 Events That Have Put Venezuela On The Brink Of Collapse

By Pedro García Otero, PanAm Post Following the publication of Sabrina Martin’s article in Panampost, “Looting on the Rise as Venezuela Runs Out of Food, Electricity,” several readers have been asking how Venezuela — a country that in the 60s and 70s was regarded as a future Australia — got so bad. Hundreds of reasons help to answer this question, especially in … Continue reading

Venezuela’s Largest Brewery Halts Production As Economy Sinks Deeper Into The Abyss

As the crisis in Venezuela deepens, its largest brew maker has suspended the production of beer and other malt beverages on Friday amid a spat with the government over the access to foreign currency. Cervecería Polar, Venezuela’s largest private company and largest beer maker, with over 70 years in operation, had warned that it would end production as the socialist government was refusing … Continue reading

Venezuela Is So Broke That It Can’t Even Afford To Print Its Own Money

Venezuela’s crisis seems to deepen each passing day while its economy crumbles. The crisis is on two fronts: economical and political. Both crises combined and compounded by a plunge in oil prices have created a “perfect storm” that has engulfed the South American nation. Venezuela relies heavily on oil, which accounts for 95 percent of foreign currency earnings as its economy … Continue reading

Venezuela’s Economy, As Told By A Hot Dog

By Scott Tong During my reporting trip to Venezuela, I didn’t have to venture far to experience firsthand the shortages and mega-inflation in the struggling petrostate. By some measures it’s the most miserable economy in the world. It’s a challenging crisis to understand. But it turns out a trip to the local hot dog stand provided … Continue reading

How Long Before U.S. Inflation Equals Argentina’s?

By Egon Von Greyerz, Goldbroker.com The US and Argentina have a lot in common. Both are beautiful countries with a major land mass and an abundance of natural resources and agricultural land. Both had very strong economies around the turn of the last century. Political and economic problems have gradually caused Argentina to grow at a … Continue reading

Regime Change: 4 Ways How Venezuela Could Remove Maduro

Venezuela is no stranger to high drama. The concern in the financial world this week was that the government in Caracas was poised to default on a $1.5 billion bond payment that came due on Friday. But while that crisis was, in the end, averted, Venezuela is far from out of the woods. There is still … Continue reading

In Venezuela, Can Maduro Mayhem Last To 2017?

By Eugen von Böhm-Bawerk Things are turning increasingly ugly in Venezuela between President Maduro and the opposition MUD. The core political problem after December 2015 elections is the PSUV are now using the courts to neuter any opposition voices that formally hold a legislative majority to start holding the government to account. Right on cue, Mr. … Continue reading

Look What’s Happening To Gold Priced In OTHER Currencies [Wow…]

By David Smith, Money Metals Exchange At the close of market on the Wednesday this essay was written, the price of one troy ounce of gold was US$1,229. A troy ounce of silver was trading at US$15.25. Around the world, the price of silver and gold is most commonly quoted in U.S. dollars. As Americans, we tend … Continue reading

Zimbabwe To Make Chinese Yuan Legal Currency After Beijing Cancels Debts

Zimbabwe has announced that it will make the Chinese yuan legal tender after Beijing confirmed it would cancel $40m in debts. “They [China] said they are cancelling our debts that are maturing this year and we are in the process of finalising the debt instruments and calculating the debts,” minister Patrick Chinamasa said in a … Continue reading

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