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Why The Government Hates Gold

By Murray N. Rothbard When a country goes off the gold standard and onto the fiat standard, it adds to the number of “moneys” in existence. In addition to the commodity moneys, gold and silver, there now flourish independent moneys directed by each government imposing its fiat rule. And just as gold and silver will … Continue reading

A Gold Revaluation Could Transform Your Financial Status — Overnight

By David Smith, Money Metals Exchange As we move through 2016, the Horsemen of the geopolitical, economic, and social apocalypse are on the march. China burns through its currency reserves as billions in yuan flee the mainland for safe harbor. Japan prints mountains of yen debt in an effort to create inflation – and thereby … Continue reading

The Collapse Of The Western Fiat Monetary System May Have Already Begun

By Peter Koenig On 19 April 2016, China was rolling out its new gold-backed yuan. Russia’s ruble has been fully supported by gold for the last couple of years. Nobody in the western media talks about it. Why would they? – A western reader may start wondering why he is constantly stressed by a US … Continue reading

Jim Rickards On The Confused Fed, Gold Manipulation, And Negative Interest Rates

By Mike Gleason, Money Metals Exchange Mike Gleason: It is my great privilege to be joined now by James Rickards. Mr. Rickards is Chief Global Strategist at the West Shore Funds, editor of Strategic Intelligence, a monthly newsletter, and Director of The James Rickards Project an inquiry into the complex dynamics of geopolitics and global capital. … Continue reading

Jim Rickards Reveals The Truth About The Gold-Backed Chinese Yuan

Jim Rickards, Financial Threat and Asymmetric Warfare Advisor for the CIA, American lawyer, economist, investment banker with 35 years of experience on Wall Street, and best selling author joins The Next News Network‘s Gary Franchi to reveal the truth behind claims of an emergent gold backed Yuan and Ruble to challenge U.S. Dollar dominance globally. What … Continue reading

Look What’s Happening To Gold Priced In OTHER Currencies [Wow…]

By David Smith, Money Metals Exchange At the close of market on the Wednesday this essay was written, the price of one troy ounce of gold was US$1,229. A troy ounce of silver was trading at US$15.25. Around the world, the price of silver and gold is most commonly quoted in U.S. dollars. As Americans, we tend … Continue reading

Central Planners Freaking Out About Discussion Of Gold’s Role

By Clint Siegner, Money Metals Exchange Sound money issues make for good politics these days. The leading Republican candidates have all suggested reforms to our monetary system. The topic is popping up in debates as well as interviews. Predictably, Fed worshippers and proponents of central planning everywhere are snickering and trotting out the usual responses. … Continue reading

Why Gold-Backed Money Doesn’t Bring Booms And Busts

By Frank Shostak According to popular thinking, not every increase in the supply of money will have an effect on economic activity. For instance, if an increase in supply is matched by a corresponding increase in the demand for money, we are told, then there won’t be any effect on the economy. The increase in … Continue reading

Peter Schiff: Gold-Backed Chinese Yuan Could Ultimately Replace Dollar As Reserve

Last week, leading into the weekend, the International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) Director Christine Lagarde pretty much gave the green light to add the Chinese renminbi (RMB) / yuan to the IMF’s Special Drawing Rights basket of currencies following an IMF Executive Board review. Following this news, Peter Schiff, the CEO and Chief Global Strategist of Euro Pacific Capital told RT’s Boom … Continue reading

Gold, And Pulling The Plug On The Fiat Petrodollar

By Ken Jorgustin The United States has been fully off the gold standard for 44 years. Depending on where you read statistics, the average life expectancy of Fiat currencies are somewhere between 27 and 39 years. Fiat economies ALWAYS collapse. The thing is… The U.S. Dollar is on life support, and the world is about to … Continue reading

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