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Canada’s Oil Industry To See Biggest Investment Drop In 70 Yrs

Despite an insignificant rise this year, investment in Canada’s oil industry is expected to decline 62 percent from its 2014 peak due to falling crude prices, warns the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP). Oil and gas spending was expected to drop to $31 billion in 2016 from a record of $81 billion in 2014, … Continue reading

The Energy And Mineral Riches Of The Arctic [Infographic]

By Jeff Desjardins, Visual Capitalist The Arctic has been the fascination of many people for centuries. Hundreds of years ago, the Europeans saw the Arctic’s frigid waters as a potential gateway to the Pacific. The region has also been home to many unique native cultures such as the Inuits and Chukchi. Lastly, it goes without saying that … Continue reading

India To Get Almost 50% Stake In Rosneft’s Siberian Oil Project

Russia’s top crude producer Rosneft has agreed to sell Indian state firms a nearly 50 percent stake in its oil field in Siberia, the company announced on Wednesday. Under the agreement India’s state Oil and Natural Gas Corporation will increase its stake in Rosneft’s Vankor project to 26 percent with Oil India, Bharat Petroresources and … Continue reading

Gazprom Cutting Gas Supplies To Turkey

The already strained relations between Moscow and Ankara have taken a turn for the worse. Gazprom has cut gas supplies by nearly a quarter after failing to reach an agreement with Turkish importers on discounts for Russian natural gas. Delivery is down 23 percent, compared to the same period last year, Interfax reports, quoting data … Continue reading

Europe’s Electricity Production By Country And Fuel Type

By Jeff Desjardins, Visual Capitalist The share of electricity generated by different energy sources has changed significantly in Europe over the last two decades. The major story here is the decline in consumption of fossil fuels. More specifically, the combined share of petroleum products and solid fuels (meaning coal or shale oil) has fallen from 65.1% of … Continue reading

World Bank Revises Down Forecasts For Oil Prices, Other Key Commodities In 2015 And 2016

WASHINGTON, October 20, 2015 –In its latest commodity update, the World Bank is lowering its 2015 forecast for crude oil prices from $57 per barrel in its July report to $52 per barrel. The revised forecast reflects a further slowing in global economic performance, high current oil inventories, and expectations that Iranian oil exports will rise after the lifting of international … Continue reading

EIB And World Bank Join Forces With New Agreement To Support Ukraine

Lima, 9 October 2015 – The European Investment Bank (EIB) and World Bank (WB) today signed an agreement under EU guarantee that aims to facilitate the purchase of gas by Ukraine’s national gas company, NJSC Naftogaz. The agreement was signed today by EIB President Werner Hoyer and World Bank Group President Jim Yong Kim. The EIB … Continue reading

Oh Oil, Where Is Thy Peak?

There are two great myths used in recent years to convince the world of imminent catastophe unless we drastically change our living style in the direction of austerity. Both myths are based on scientific fraud and uncritical propagation by sympatheic mainstream and even some alternative media. One is the idea that world climate is warming, … Continue reading

How To Manage The Commodity Roller Coaster

By Vitor Gaspar  The world economy is experiencing important transitions and associated uncertainties. Commodity prices have fallen sharply, with adverse consequences for exporting countries. China’s rebalancing and the prospect of U.S. interest rate increases are having important and costly spillover effects on other economies. And these and other factors are posing important fiscal challenges, especially … Continue reading

A Network Of Russian Veins Of Influence : Gas Pipelines Of The European Continent

By South Front Global Research, August 22, 2015 , Companies’ sources (data from websites accordingly) and EIA.   Natural gas has limited and expensive transport options. As a result, natural gas pipelines are constantly used as a tool of  political pressure and bargaining. One of the most notable battlefields is the European continent, where Russia has exerted … Continue reading

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