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Proving Yet Again That Global Weakness Starts In The U.S.

By Jeffrey P. Snider, Alhambra Investment Partners When commenting on any weakness in the US economy, it has become common even shorthand for any outlet or author to affix the conventional explanation. Suspiciously low growth rates and far too many outright contractions, especially in manufacturing and industry, are blamed on overseas weakness and the dollar as … Continue reading

Welcome To The War On Cash: ECB Ends Production, Issuance Of €500 Banknote

The European Central Bank is to phase out the €500 (£400) note, nicknamed the “Bin Laden” because of its association with money-laundering and terror financing – and because while many people know what it looks like, few have ever seen one. The ECB announced on Wednesday that the fuchsia-coloured bills, the highest denomination of the … Continue reading

Secular Stagnation Would Be The Best Case, But It’s Not Even Realistic

By Jeffrey P. Snider, Alhambra Investment Partners The IMF released the first 2016 edition of its World Economic Outlook (WEO). Titled Too Slow For Too Long, it seems as if the institution has finally caught on to the fact that the global recovery never really was a recovery. Throughout the report you get the sense that they … Continue reading

Preparing For The Euro Dissolution: Germany Keeps Bringing Its Gold Reserves Back From Abroad

German central bank, known as the Deutsche Bundesbank, has already delivered gold valued at approximately 11.5 billion euros to Frankfurt and is planning to bring back 50% of the country’s gold reserves until 2020 according to Sputnik News. President of the Bundesbank Jens Weidmann made remarks today, that Germany accelerated the withdrawal of Germany’s gold reserves from overseas. The central banker noted the following: There … Continue reading

Draghi’s Giant Giveaway; More Handouts For Wall Street

By Mike Whitney Last week, European Central Bank chief Mario Draghi announced a much bigger and wider-ranging stimulus package than anyone had expected. Unfortunately, the ECB’s bond buying program will have no impact on employment, business investment, inflation, lending or growth. It will, however, create a temporary incentive for corporations to buy back more of … Continue reading

The Collapse Of Italy’s Banks Threatens To Plunge The European Financial System Into Chaos

By Michael Snyder The Italian banking system is a “leaning tower” that truly could completely collapse at literally any moment.  And as Italy’s banks begin to go down like dominoes, it is going to set off financial panic all over Europe unlike anything we have ever seen before.  I wrote about the troubles in Italy … Continue reading

Look What’s Happening To Gold Priced In OTHER Currencies [Wow…]

By David Smith, Money Metals Exchange At the close of market on the Wednesday this essay was written, the price of one troy ounce of gold was US$1,229. A troy ounce of silver was trading at US$15.25. Around the world, the price of silver and gold is most commonly quoted in U.S. dollars. As Americans, we tend … Continue reading

Why A Brexit Could Be A Losing Proposition For Everyone

By Jeff Desjardins, Visual Capitalist After two days of intense negotiations, British Prime Minister David Cameron has proposed a new agreement that could allow Britain to stay in the European Union. Although not all of his demands were met in full, the potential deal focuses on migrant workers, protecting the pound and London’s financial sector from regulations, … Continue reading

NIRP Will Implode The $9 Trillion USD Carry Trade

By Phoenix Capital Research Last month, the Bank of Japan implemented Negative Interest Rate Policy, or NIRP. It is the second Central Bank to do so. The European Central Bank or ECB first went to NIRP in June 2014. Thus, between Japan and Europe, over 20% of the world’s GDP is being managed by a Central … Continue reading

Day Of Reckoning: The Collapse Of The Too Big To Fail Banks In Europe Is Here

By Michael Snyder There is so much chaos going on that I don’t even know where to start.  For a very long time I have been warning my readers that a major banking collapse was coming to Europe, and now it is finally unfolding.  Let’s start with Deutsche Bank.  The stock of the most important … Continue reading

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